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F.A.Q: Installing this Irrigation System

Answers and solutions on how to install your Lawn Belt Irrigation kit.

39. My lawn is approx 20 by 88 ft. What should I order? - Top

You could go with a custom kit available in our store (with Orbit Rotars). For best coverage 2 heads could be located on each corner of the long side of your rectangle both spraying a 90 degree pattern 20 feet out. The other head could be located on the opposite long side of the rectangle at the mid point. This head would spray at 180 and also 20 feet deep.

1. Use the graph paper available on our design page to layout these heads.

2. Connect the heads with lines or curves to represent the LawnBelt.
(Start at your spigot then connect the 3 heads in the kit) Then measure the distances from your spigot to the first head and then to the remaining heads.

3. If the total distance of LawnBelt is greater than 50 feet you will need to get a coupler (avail in the store) to seam the LawnBelt together and extend the kit.

- Updated: May 6, 2005

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