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Answers and solutions on how to install your Lawn Belt Irrigation kit.

35. Adjusting Rainbird Rotor Head 32SA Simple Adjust - Top

3 steps to adjusting your Rainbird Rotor Head 32SA (avail in our store)

1) Using the palm of your hand turn the center cap to the right until it stops. Then turn to the left until it stops. This is your fixed left edge.

The arc spray pattern is preset tp 180 degrees

2) Using a small screwdriver adjust the Arc Dial clockwise (+) to increase the Arc spray pattern and turn counter clockwise (-) to decrease the Arc spray pattern.

Sprinkler Spray Pattern is adjustable from 40 degrees to 360 degrees. Do not turn past right or left stop. Adjust wet or dry.

3) To adjust the spray distance use a screwdriver and turn the radius reduction screw to reduce the radius by 35%. Adjust wet or dry.

- Updated: June 3, 2004

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