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F.A.Q: Installing this Irrigation System

Answers and solutions on how to install your Lawn Belt Irrigation kit.

30. I have 2 spigots now. 1 on the back and 1 on the side. Will this be enough? - Top

Depending on your yard you may need to add a more spigot locations so that you don't overextend LawnBelt (50-100 feet max extension to each kit or zone). Sometimes adding additional spigots will save you money as you wont need as much conduit. If you need to add more spigots you could use our Hidden Hose Kit or add it conventionally using PVC.

Have you visited our design page yet? - click here - there you will find a spray pattern template and garden plot to both print and layout your design. For large yards use the Rainbird Spray Pattern.

First locate your spigots on the gardenplot, then place the spray templates in your plan - next group the zones together then add the total distance of LawnBelt from your spigit to the end of each zone. If this distance is over 50 feet (the length of a kit) you will need to extend LawnBelt using a coupler kit avail in our store.

(NEW see Lawn Belt Tutor) click here

If you have additional questions on how to layout please let us know.

- Updated: July 28, 2004

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