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F.A.Q: Installing this Irrigation System

Answers and solutions on how to install your Lawn Belt Irrigation kit.

15. Cutting sod sounds like a tremendous amount of work for a large lawn?? - Top

With the right tools cutting through your sod is very easy.

Make sure you water thoroughly before installation to soften sod.

Make sure to use a sharp flat spade not a shovel. Also to soften the each watering the sod before will also help.

With your large garden you will need to plan it so that spigots are dispersed around your lawn area. This will simplify your design.

Your tractor will not break the Lawnbelt - the conduit is diamond shape and will only be pressed down into the soil if it happens to be too close to the sod line. In addition the conduit has a thickened top for this reason.

- Updated: August 5, 2007

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