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52. I need to aerate my yard, can I go deeper with Lawn-Belt? - Top

I have a friend who can aerate my yard but his equipment puts 4"-6" holes in the ground. I would like to bury my lawnbelt slightly deeper than normal to avoid damage. Any issues with trenching 6"-8" deep?

Answer: The only thing you will need to consider is the draining of the system. Make sure your heads (where U fittings are) are lower than the tubing depth in your lawn. This will allow the system to drain when you turn it off. If your lot is sloping there are no problems with your proposal. If your lot is flat
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If your in a warm climate where it never freezes then your ok too. Otherwise sprinkler system will not drain properly and will freeze during the cold

The U fitting depth is a fixed distance and depends on the height dimension of the sprinkler head. For example. when you attach the standard heads to the U fitting the Lawn Belt is maybe 1/4" down from the head height (meaning lawnbelt is sitting right below the sod.)

If you choose the 6-1/2" tall Rainbird Rotar ( in the store it is 3" above the LawnBelt - meaning Lawn Belt could be buried 3" or so. About 1/2 of what you need. By adding a 2-1/2" riser extension (avail in store) to the Rainbird you'll be able to bury the LawnBelt about 5".

- Updated: July 26, 2004

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