LawnBelt FAQ

F.A.Q: Installing this Irrigation System

Answers and solutions on how to install your Lawn Belt Irrigation kit.

1. I have a Model 62075 Sprinkler timer. How can I get a service / programming manual for it

2. Install the top soil and sod first and then install Lawn Belt?

3. how do I go under a side walk

4. I have 90 psi Is 8 Gpm- can I add a 4th head? How to connect to a manifold?

5. I still have a few small leaks. Can water-proof caulking help?

6. We are needing to water flower beds (5 x 80ft)

7. Check List Leaks

8. How to adjust the Orbit heads?

9. How to install sprinkler system under a concrete walk or driveway?

10. Would like to tie in directly to the secondary water main?

11. Whats the PSI loss per foot of LawnBelt if I extend?

12. What's ouside diameter of the Lawn Belt? (to wrap a PVC Pipe over)

13. How to design spigots locations if I need more?

14. The Orbit 5500 Rotor - one red, one blue. The installed nozzle is green. Whats the difference?

15. Cutting sod sounds like a tremendous amount of work for a large lawn??

16. Can I place sprinkler heads lower than the sod?

17. Can I use my existing Toro heads - can I hook into a PVC Manifold?

18. additional part connecting from the 1/2" threaded reducer

19. Is there a "Y" fitting for spliitting one lawn belt into two directions?

20. How to install 7 valve stations and a timer to LawnBelt

21. Is the sprinkler pipe deep enough for core aeration?

22. Install the system before or after I lay the sod?

23. Is there a permit required

24. I need to run 35' then Y into system one direction and drip irrigation the other.

25. Garage in the way of sprinkler installation how to approach

26. How to water 1 acre of land with LawnBelt?

27. How to connect the LawnBelt system to my existing pvc?

28. Need to water 1/2 acre, pie shaped lot. I have 2 spigots on the house?

29. Can I bury your sprinkler system about 1 foot deep?

30. I have 2 spigots now. 1 on the back and 1 on the side. Will this be enough?

31. Im gettings some leaks - can you help?

32. Do all of your smaller parts come with what you need to attach it to the belt

33. Can I run lawn belt off a traditional zone system hooked up directly to the main water line?

34. Can I install any autotimer to your water system?

35. Adjusting Rainbird Rotor Head 32SA Simple Adjust

36. Adjusting Orbit Sprinkler Heads Instructions

37. Does EZGrip sharpen with push mowers?

38. How will the rotors perform if I add a T fitting w/ 3 heads?

39. My lawn is approx 20 by 88 ft. What should I order?

40. Should Lawn Belt go in before or after we install our new sod?

41. Problem ... only the first sprinkler head will pop up.

42. Where do I install a automatic water timer? My watering area is 20 x 80.

43. Lawn not seeded yet .. when should I put Lawn Belt in? before or after grading?

44. I have installed the 3 head system and it's working great! Can I add another head??

45. Need to use 4" oscillating heads to get coverage. Any potential problems with this?

46. How to cover a trench to insure sod coverage.

47. Is there a water distributor that can be programed for individuale zones?

48. How deep do I dig at the head location (U Fitting)?

49. How do I get dirt out of the sprinkler line?

50. Hillside sprinkler installation questions.

51. Will lawn Belt system work with a controller?

52. I need to aerate my yard, can I go deeper with Lawn-Belt?

53. How does LB attach to a pvc manifold system with timers?

54. What if I need to go under concrete?

55. What if I encounter a rock or tree roots?

56. How do I connect LawnBelt?

57. Can I hook Lawn Belt into my existing PVC system?

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