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41. Water sprinkler system catalog and other product brochures - Top

Could you possibly send me a catalog of LawnBelt water sprinkler system products. I am especially interested in timers, and valves, also, valve manifolds. Do you sell backflow preventer valves?

Our catalog is actually our website. Go to our store and click on Parts. There you can find everything we currently carry plus installation instructions and sprinkler design tips. We do have a brochure but everything on the brochure is already in the website.

We also have a 2 page brochure you can print online at brochure1.jpg and brochure2.jpg. These are images are formatted to 8 1/2x11's

The beauty of LawnBelt is that most everything will work with it. Just remember to use 1/2" npt sprinkler heads with width no greater than 1 1/2" (so that it fits in between the U fitting)

In the future we plan to add more convenience items such as timers and backflow valves... but right now we just carry a handful of various accessories.

- Updated: August 5, 2007

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