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35. Explain sprinkler coverage comparison between LawnBelt and a traditional PVC system? - Top

Lawn Belt has slightly less pressure than that of a traditional system. This is because most PVC systems use either 3/4" or 1" size diameter pipe size throughout. LawnBelts conduit measures 5/8" in diameter.

Lawnbelt makes up for this pressure loss by reducing the number of heads allowed in each zone. If watering large areas we provide a rotor head which sprays average of 20 feet in radius.

The standard kits available (Lawn Sprinkler and Garden Border) are preconfigured and tested to work with coverages as described. These standard kits also use a low volume/ pressure head to achieve maximum coverage. It is recommended that each zone be designed for 3 heads (the number of heads in our kit).

Both the Orbit Softops and the Orbit Rotors have produced results with our Custom Kits configurations.

As mentioned above, we highly recommend using the Rotors if you are trying to water large areas. For lower pressures we suggest using 2 Rotors with 25 feet of LawnBelt between them. If your Psi is above 60 and Gpm's at 8 or higher you could add a third head and order additional conduit with a coupler kit.

- Updated: August 5, 2007

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