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F.A.Q: More about Lawn Belt Irrigation

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13. How many satisfied customers do you have? Are there customers that I can contact direct;y? - Top

I'm happy to report that most all our customers are extremely happy with Lawn Belt!

So long as your Psi and Gpm levels are good (see ) LawnBelt always works just as well (if not better) as any other in ground sprinkler system.

In a few rare cases when customers don�t check out these min. levels - LawnBelt (like any other watering system) won't be able to provide adequate coverage.

Due to our strict privacy policy we don�t give emails or phone numbers out of our customers.

All the testimonials on the site are non solicited and are real comments.

We also have a 5 year/ 30 day money back policy (see ) if your not happy with your purchase.

LawnBeltUSA has been in business since 2002, but LawnBelt itself was started and invented in Erie, PA in the early 90's.

- Updated: February 15, 2006

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