LawnBelt FAQ

F.A.Q: More about Lawn Belt Irrigation

Learn more about Lawn Belt. Discuss Add-Ons, accessories and parts. Find and share different ways this irrigation system can be used in your garden.

1. Does standard lawn kit come with pop up heads?

2. Where can I get manual for timers? I lost mine.

3. I am wondering if you would have the name and address of someone using LB?

4. Explain the draining process / also how to install under sidewalk?

5. Can I attach LB to an exisiting spigot ?

6. Do these heads pop up and go back down to prevent getting mowed?

7. Can you use an impact sprinkler on this system.

8. Hi, I have installed two lawn belt last year, need info on backflow prevention.

9. I have a spigot in my front side yard but unsure how to connect. I have no exist. system.

10. Can I continue to have a riding lawn mower on my grass or will I need to use a push mower?

11. Explain how LawnBelt self drains without flooding.

12. How can you combine two systems together?

13. How many satisfied customers do you have? Are there customers that I can contact direct;y?

14. Do you have any distibutors in Canada. If so how can i contact them.

15. Want to use Orbit rotors what size (height) rainbird sprinkler do I need.?

16. What parts are compatible with your system?

17. Im having login problems in your store. Can you help?

18. Wanted to know the inside diameter of Lawn belt

19. How can I disassemle and clean my Orbit sprinkler?

20. How to water trees with LawnBelt?

21. Need instructions on how to program battery operated timer

22. Can I install your lawn sprinkler system to a well with a pump?

23. How do I extend LawnBelt to make a sprinkler zone longer in length?

24. Do you need a backflow prevention valve?

25. How many sprinkler heads can be installed on your "customize kit"?

26. I need to get water to my greenhouse . What do you recommend?

27. Can I attach a regular garden hose to your system?

28. Is it ok to attach a long garden hose to extend Lawn Belt?

29. What about freezing? In our area most things are 18" deep for winter freeze.

30. Video on your sprinkler system available?

31. How does U fitting drain sprinkler system?

32. How do I water each zone automatically?

33. Opening and closing the valves for summer and winter care

34. How to get the Hidden Hose Kit to drain?

35. Explain sprinkler coverage comparison between LawnBelt and a traditional PVC system?

36. What kind of sprinkler heads are included with your kits?

37. Can you please send me some materials so I may check out your systems?

38. Can I interchange the sprinkler heads from the garden border kit and lawn sprinkler kit?

39. Can I core aerate my lawn with lawn belt installed?

40. Can Lawnbelt withstand constant pressure? How to winterize the hidden hose kit?

41. Water sprinkler system catalog and other product brochures

42. Lawn belt 50 foot coils made of polyethylene?

43. More than 3 heads in a zone ok? Whats LB's inside diameter?

44. I am concerned about damaging LB since its so close to surface.

45. How effective is it in my can get to -25F in winter where I live.

46. Whats the difference in sprinkler head pattern capabilities offered in your various kits?

47. Can I add my own heads? What size should I use?

48. I have a pond. Can I use LawnBelt to retrieve water?

49. Can I use LawnBelt to water my flowers?

50. Can I hook a timer to my system?

51. Will installing LawnBelt damage my lawn?

52. What makes LawnBelt different from PVC or PolyPipe?

53. What happens if I accidentally break the Lawn Belt?

54. How do I winterize LawnBelt?

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