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45. Designing a 50 foot by 6 foot strip of lawn - Top

I have a 50 foot by 6 foot strip of lawn on the side of my house. Obviously, I do not want to spray a 20+ foot circle or half-circle in this area. Would it be possible to adjust the spray area downward (thus increasing the water pressure)and add eight or more heads to the same line? (I have good water pressure).

If you need adjustable heads look at either the Orbit Heads or Orbit rotors in our store. Theses are fully adjustable to any angle. So you could do wide half circles along the lawn edge and stagger their locations on the opposite side so that spray overlapping occurs.

With optimum pressure you could add another head but I would not recommend more than 4 per zone or kit.

- Updated: May 6, 2005

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