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43. How to increase home water pressure? - Top

How can one INCREASE home water pressure so the spray will travel further. Have approx 1/2 acre in back yard.

Have you had a look at the Rainbird heads in our store? They cover more area than the standard heads that come with the kit. About 40' diameter each.

Also instead of using 3 heads decrease to 2 heads and your coverage should be optimum (covers about 2400 sq ft each zone) unless you have extreeme low pressures or a low Gpm rating.

Have you visited: our design page yet? This gets into the minimum requirements for your system.

You'll need approx 8 or so kits depending on your garden shape and 2 or more hose bibs scattered in your garden (see Hidden hose kit if you need more spriots)

Tip: By adding additional spigots or water sources you can save on Lawn Belt footage. This is a useful technique for larger gardens.

Adding a 4 way distributor to each water source will get you 4 sepepate zones or kits for each spigot.

Hope this helps.

- Updated: May 29, 2004

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