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42. Explain relationship between Psi and Gpm - Top

We are intrigued by your product and have determined the parameters of our water system as follows:approximately 6.0 GPM at 95 psi (the feed line is 0.5" diameter)

Could you please tell us if these conditions will support your system and, if so, what type of coverage we can expect with either your own or the Rainbird sprinkler head? (We were unable to locate information on the relationship between the two parameters on your website.)

Answer: Your Psi is great but your Gpm is low, but the pressure will make up for the Gpm loss. You will be limited to 3 heads per kit/ zone but you should be just fine.

The performance of the Rainbird is nearly double that of the standard heads (20 dia vs 40 feet dia average) These are conservative figures, you may get more than this.

If you go with the Rainbirds I would design it so you use 2 heads per zone due to your Gpm levels. This way you'll get pehaps 50 feet dia (25 foot spray) out Rainbird vs mabe 35 or less if you add a third head.

If you go with the standard kit plan on 20 feet diameter as I mentioned, make sure you visit and have a look at the printable templates there.

If you choose the Rainbird you be safe to double the 20 foot circle template to 40 as mentioned above.

- Updated: May 6, 2005

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