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41. My watering area is too far from my spigot! What to do? - Top

I'm a little confused about what I'll need. My water source( attached to the wall of my house) is in the backyard. I want to have the lawn sprinkler spraying the FRONT lawn. Obviously 50' of hose is not enough. So, besides the lawn sprinkler kit, what exactly do I need ? Do I need to add a Rainbird Rotor, a 4-way water distributor kit etc... The distance if I was to have the hose run from the backyard to the front lawn is about 50-70 ft. The water pressure is excellent, so that's not a problem. Do I just need extra hose ?

If your Psi and Gpm levels meet the requirement you should be just fine adding a 50-70' extension to the kit (see store).

To extend you'll need a Coupler Kit. With this so you can connect the belt to the kit. The sprinkler would then be turned off/on from the back yard.

In any case if you need more than the 50' provided in the hidden hose kit you could add an additional 25 feet to it. I wouldn't go over 75 feet from front to back otherwise you will may degrade the system dues to pressure loss.

If you want to turn your sprinklers on from the front yard you could buy a hidden hose kit and forget the extension. But this is only cost effective if you have 1 zone or kit in the front yard.

If you have more that 1 zone you would need to get a Hidden Hose Kit. ... in addition a 2 1/2" riser/PVC extension to screw it into end of hidden hose kit. To this you would add a spigot (avail at your hardware store).

Make sure to wrap all connections with Teflon as you are assembling. Then simply attach your Irrigation System Kits to this.

The 4 way distributor will provide you with an easy way to connect multiple zones to the same spigot. 3 heads are recommended for each zone or kit.

If you need multiple zones in your front yard then I would go with a hidden hose configuration as mentioned above. This way you could connect a distributor to the new hose bib in your front yard instead of running all zones from front to back which would become expensive!

- Updated: July 28, 2004

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