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F.A.Q: Irrigation System Design and Plotting

Find answers on how to properly design your Lawn Belt Irrigation System. Lots of tips and ways to speed up the irrigation design process.

37. How do I design and plot it out sprinklers - my garden is huge. - Top

This all depends on your garden shape. Have you had a chance to visit our design page?

First check your Psi and Gpm before starting and compare to minimum requirements on the design page. Call your water utility company and ask them too.

Next plot out your garden on the grid sheet found on this page. Use the templates to estimate the number of heads you'll need.(In your case enlarge the templates to about 40 feet for reasons explained below.) Each kit or zone will provide you with 3 heads.

All kits need to start where you hose bib is located.

Important Tip: If you have more than one hose bib in your garden you may end up saving on the number of kits required. Optionally you can get more hose bib (water sources) by installing a hidden hose kit. The trick is you don't want to over extend the Lawn Belt Irrigation System too much from the water source or you may loose pressure.

In your larger garden area here's you can use rainbird rotors and the coverage will be better if you have a large lawn - as mentioned above they provide up to 40 feet radius sprays (click on the Rainbird head in our store for a sample layout)

Optionally from your hose bib locations you can attach a 4 way distributor(see store) then connect zones into this using a short hose which will run to each kit. You can add battery operated timers to the distributor as well.

- Updated: July 28, 2004

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