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31. How to test the sprinkler layout before cutting the lawnbelt? - Top

Do you have any advice on how I should think about testing the layout before cutting the lawnbelt? I don't want to cut it until I'm absolutely sure that I've made the right choices. I can imagine testing the real-life radius of one of the sprinkler heads by attaching it to the end of the lawnbelt before cutting, but that might not indicate behavior with two other sprinklers attached.

If you know your PSI is 50 at the hose bib and you have around 8 GPM (in other words you have done your homework) then you should be just fine with the Lawn Sprinkler Kit. If you have ordered a custom kit and are using Rainbirds for example, then plan on 2 heads for maximum coverage and perhaps 3 if both PSI and GPM are high.

However if you are still unsure and want to test the system out for size, then attaching one sprinkler will give you a general idea about coverage. A one head system is sure to perform well, but then again if a one head system does not cover well then you know something is wrong.

A common mistake people make is using a regular length garden hose to connect a system to a spigot. You must use a short hose otherwise there will be significant pressure loss.

Alternatively testing a 2 head system above ground could certainly answer whether or not to add a third head depending on its performance. If you are getting above average coverage and excessive over spraying occurs then you can add a head safely.

- Updated: June 3, 2004

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