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F.A.Q: Irrigation System Design and Plotting

Find answers on how to properly design your Lawn Belt Irrigation System. Lots of tips and ways to speed up the irrigation design process.

22. How to plot my garden sprinklers? - Top

First take readings at you spigot for PSI and GPM.

At the bottom of design page there will be a sheet you can print and draw you plot on. If you garden is too big for the sheet you may wish to double the scale of each square.

The important things to establish on you plot all the locations of all your spigots. Next, label the areas in your garden you want to water (labeling lawns, shrubs ect..) And then any dry areas that can be left out.

Also take readings at you spigot for PSI and GPM and label in boxes provided on the garden plot.

- Updated: July 25, 2004

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