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F.A.Q: Irrigation System Design and Plotting

Find answers on how to properly design your Lawn Belt Irrigation System. Lots of tips and ways to speed up the irrigation design process.

18. For your custom kit , how many kits would I need to cover approx.3500 sq.ft.? - Top

For use with our Custom Kit.
If you have low PSI or GPM levels
we recommend using only 2 rotor heads and
then purchasing our Custom Kit.
(You'll end up with one extra U
fitting as a spare leftover part)

Each head will provide a circle of water
roughly 1500 sq ft each head. Depending
on how this head is adjusted (ie if watering
a 3/4 circle) then coverage will differ.

Figure 1 kits if pressures and Gpms are
excellent if full circles are acceptable,
or figure 2 kits with 4 heads for best
coverage and design flexibility.

- Updated: May 6, 2005

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