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F.A.Q: Irrigation System Design and Plotting

Find answers on how to properly design your Lawn Belt Irrigation System. Lots of tips and ways to speed up the irrigation design process.

44. Can you design the sprinkler system for me? - Top

Sorry we dont have that service available. We are discussing providing such a service in the future. In the meantime ....

Please visit our design page ... there you will find easy to use Pdf Templates you can print out and then place into your drawing. Its very easy to use. At corners use 1/4 circles and at edges use 1/2 circles.

If using our new Rainbird rotors figure 30-40 feet from the sprinkler head (almost doubling the coverage of the Pdf Template) This is a great solution for large areas such as lawns.

Also note that if you find you are using too much LawnBelt to get from your spigot to your zone, consider adding an additional spigot usung our hidden hose kit. Locate this at a centralized location so that all zone may access it. See our 4 way distributor - so that you can have multiple zones attached to one spigot location.

- Updated: May 29, 2004

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