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48. Can I run more that three sprinklers on one zone? - Top

You say on your system you can only run three sprinklers on one zone. With half inch PVC systems the people I talk to are running six and seven heads 10 - 15 feet apart. If water pressure is the same, Why not more sprinklers per zone on your system? I really would like to install your system, I just want to be sure.

Answer: Kits are designed to have 3 heads spaced every 15 feet with our standard heads. If you have good PSI of 65 or above you could add more heads just like any other system. LawnBelts inside diameter is 5/8" and the standard heads cover 15-20 feet diameter, depending again on your PSI reading.

See our design page for more info.

Overall on an average have found most systems work best with 3 heads and then connecting each zone (or additional kits) into a 4 way distributor (found in the store).

- Updated: June 29, 2004

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