LawnBelt FAQ

F.A.Q: Irrigation System Design and Plotting

Find answers on how to properly design your Lawn Belt Irrigation System. Lots of tips and ways to speed up the irrigation design process.

1. What happened to the T-Fitting

2. Can I attach 2 of your drip system kits together with sufficient psi?

3. I have a flower bed that is 300 feet away. Can I use this system to water this flower bed?

4. What is the maximum amount of zones that can be handles by 1 spigot?

5. I have a shallow well at 45 PSI - Will I be able to use LB?

6. much water pressure would be lost if I hook up 6 heads

7. Can drip irrigation be attached to the same line that has 1 or 2 sprinkler heads?

8. How to water a 40' by 40' square yard

9. Will LawnBelt disable my spigot? I need it for hand watering too!

10. I want to create a T-Intersection - tell me how?

11. How do I check my PSI or GPM?

12. I have a 7'x50' (approx) strip. How to water?

13. Pressure is over 60 PSI however only 6.5 GPM?

14. Is Hidden Hose just like your Sprinkler Kits?

15. My backyard is approximetly 16,000 sq.ft. Will LawnBlet work?

16. With 60 psi can I extend my Bib w Hidden Hose then connect another kit to this?

17. Can the sprinkler heads get damaged by freezing?

18. For your custom kit , how many kits would I need to cover approx.3500 sq.ft.?

19. How many heads? What size pump (psi/gpm)?

20. How to design with rotors if there has to be 25 ft. between each head?

21. Can it spray over them, and what is the height of the spray as it comes out of the sprinkler?

22. How to plot my garden sprinklers?

23. Irrigation system around septic tank

24. Overlapping spray patterns and design question.

25. Can I extend a hidden hose kit an eadditional 50 feet and still have good pressure?

26. I have 2 spigots now. 1 on the back and 1 on the side. Will this be enough?

27. Is it possible to cover our entire 1 acre yard off of one spicket?

28. What do I need for a 50' X 50 area? Recommendations?

29. PSI is low at my spigot - can I hook up a water pump to increase water pressure?

30. Are Rainbirds Rotors overkill for a rectangular 60 x 24 lawn?

31. How to test the sprinkler layout before cutting the lawnbelt?

32. Install system under pavers at patio?

33. Sprinklers for a retaining wall how to design?

34. What can i do if I don't have suficient water pressure?

35. I want to try out the rotor heads to expand my system farther. How to accomplish?

36. Do you sell an above ground manifold system called Waterboy?

37. How do I design and plot it out sprinklers - my garden is huge.

38. Spigot has a very high psi. Will this be a problem?

39. Are full-circle sprinkler heads adjustable?

40. T connections or wide turns?

41. My watering area is too far from my spigot! What to do?

42. Explain relationship between Psi and Gpm

43. How to increase home water pressure?

44. Can you design the sprinkler system for me?

45. Designing a 50 foot by 6 foot strip of lawn

46. Can I run more spray heads in one zone, with typical psi/gpm from the spigot?

47. What are the psi /gpm and radius stats for the 1/2 and the 1/4 spray heads?

48. Can I run more that three sprinklers on one zone?

49. What size spray patterns can I expect?

50. Can I use my own sprinkler heads?

51. How much water pressure can Lawn Belt withstand?

52. How do I add on to my sprinkler zone?

53. Can you adjust the height of water spray?

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