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Hidden Hose Kit

  • 50 feet of Lawn Belt*
  • 2 collar kits ( 2 hose clamps & 4 collars halves)
  • 2 converter fittings
  • 2 90 deg elbow with crush-resistant brass fittings
  • 2 small clamp for elbow
4. Design your System

Plot all the sprinkler head locations on your grid sheet (found at the back of this guide). Then take this design to your garden and stake your locations.

Establish a starting point by tieing a 50 foot piece of string to your faucet. (Note: the total length of the LawnBelt hose is 50 feet)

Next, using your grid plan, measure out the distance to your first sprinkler head and place a stake there.

Tie your string to this stake and proceed to the next head in your plan. Repeat until you have reached the last head location.

Later on this string will act as a guide for locating the slit in your lawn.

5. Important Guidelines

The shape of Lawn Belt has a thick top flange on the top and then tapers to a point . Install the pointed end down first making sure LawnBelt is vertical (not slanted) in the ground.

Bury the LawnBelt so that the flat top flange is located just below surface of the soil or sod line.



To ensure your system is leak-free, wrap your connections with Teflon Plumbers Tape (available in our store).

Both Collar Halves and Converter fittings are marked with a "UP" direction arrow. Make sure they point to top of LawnBelt. This is a crucial step in the installation.

All Lawn Belt Hose Clamps screws must be positioned at the bottom of the Lawn Belt.

Do not over tighten Hose Clamps but make sure they are tightened all the way. Use a 5/16" wrench to tighten for best results.

Make sure to insert all "U" and End fittings into LawnBelt completely. Push the Belt all the way past the barbs to the end of each fitting. Center Belt ring over the bard for best seal. (about 1/8" away from end of fitting)

Insert all Converter Fittings into LawnBelt completely. Push the Belt all the way to end so that Converter flange is flush against Lawn Belt.



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