5. Install Converter fitting connection

Place the small converter clamp over the end of the LawnBelt Converter. Again, make sure that the word "UP" is in the top position. Next push the Insert Elbow completely into the Converter Fitting with the brass fitting facing UP.

Tighten the Converter Clamp making sure the tightening screw is on the BOTTOM. Insert Elbow should NOT be able to move once the clamp is tightened.

Important for Hidden Hose System kits: The Female End Fitting must be installed at the spigot end. The Male fitting connects to the Lawn Belt at the opposite end of the System.

6. Assembly of Converter (near spigot)

Place Large hose clamp over end of Lawn Belt.

Wrap the Converter fitting with Teflon Plumbers Tape to ensure a good seal.

Look at the converter fitting and find the "UP" label - match it to the shape if Lawn Belt. (The Diamond shape of the Lawn Belt hole must match the shape of the Converter.)

Insert the Converter fitting into the end of the Lawn Belt until the end of the Lawn Belt is squarely against the Converter Flange.

Note: If the fitting is too tight try using a small amount of dishwasher soap over fitting and carefully work it back and forth around the opening while pushing.


Slide 1/2" 90 deg. NPT elbow connection with clamp into converter and tighten clamp enough so that it will not move.

Next screw in brass female swivel connector into the elbow. Tighten using the handle end your pliers.

7. Installing the Collar Halves

Place the two collar halves on each side of the Lawn Belt. The tops of the collar halves are marked "UP"

Slide the Large Hose Clamp over the Collar Halves and then slide the entire Clamp and Collar assembly towards the converter fitting. Make sure Collar Halves sit squarely against the converter flange. With a flat head 5/16" box wrench or screwdriver tighten clamps until snug - but do not over tighten.

8. Before Cutting Lawn Belt

Stretch LawnBelt from your faucet to the end of your string layout (refer to step above). Do not cut LawnBelt before verifying total length of your zone.

Cut the LawnBelt as you install it between each sprinkler head / U fitting location.

Use a utility knife or PVC cutter to cut LawnBelt. If you need to splice LawnBelt together you will need a coupler kit (available in our store)

Tip: You can also use a piece of lumber under LawnBelt as a stable surface when cutting the conduit.



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