9. Installing the Sprinkler Heads

At each sprinkler head you will need to assemble your "U" fitting. At the end of your kit (or zone) you will need to use a End Fitting or "L" Fitting.

To ensure a tight fit wrap all pipe threading male ends on the "U" and "L" fittings with Teflon plumbing tape.

Tightly screw on each drain to the bottom of the each "U" and "L" Fitting.

Place Large Hose Clamp over the end of Lawn Belt. Then connect Lawn Belt tubing to the male end of the "U" or "L" fitting.

Make sure Lawn Belt sits square against each fitting. Push it on all the way past the barbs to the end.

10. Installing the Collar Halves

Place the two collar halves on each side of the Lawn Belt. The tops of the collar halves are marked "UP"

Slide the Large Hose Clamp over the Collar Halves and then slide the entire Clamp and Collar assembly towards the "U" or "L" fitting.


Make sure Collar Halves sit squarely against the converter flange. With a flat head 5/16" box wrench or screwdriver tighten clamps until snug - but do not over tighten.

Note: Center the steel clamp over the barb at male end for best seal. (barb is located about 1/8" away from end of "U" or "L shaped fitting).

With a flat head 5/16" box wrench or screwdriver tighten clamps until snug - do not over tighten.

11. Cutting the Lawn Belt Conduit

After Lawn Belt has been warmed in the sun, stretch it out to near your layout string (see step above).

Starting from your faucet location cut a slit in your lawn to follow the path of your string. Work in 3-5 feet increments, as you cut and push LawnBelt below the surface.

When you reach the first sprinkler head location use a utility knife (see PVC cutter in our store) to cut LawnBelt. If using a utility knife ut LawnBelt against a hard surface.

Next, attach the U fitting, Collar halves and sprinkler head at . (Bury End and U fitting assemblies 9-10" according to Step 13).

Then attach Lawnbelt to other side of fitting and repeat these steps you reach the end of the sprinkler zone. (Where you will use the End L-Shaped Fitting)

12. Fine Tuning the System

Adjust spray patterns to full range. Attach end of Belt to a short garden hose then tighten this hose end to your spigot. Turn on system to check for any leaks.

If you notice any leaks, check to make sure you have liberally wrapped Teflon at the troubled connection. Then re-tighten until leak stops.

When working in the dirt leave system assembled to to prevent debris from getting into the LawnBelt.


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