LawnBelt Low Pressure Sprinkler Accessory

High stake assembly sprinkler (drip system add-on)

Water your plants, shrubs, vegetable or flower garden with this efficient low pressure watering add-on.

You can even attach these stakes to your existing LawnBelt Sprinkler System and water a raised flower bed or garden area beside your lawn (a 4 port manifold attachment and flexible rise is required to attach it to LawnBelt).

Order in packages of 4. - includes stake assembly 24" with vinyl line w/pc flow control - 180 deg fan jet/nozzle plus pressure regulator.

Note: In order to assemble a complete LawnBelt drip Irrigation System using these stakes, a package of 4 stakes is required for each manifold. Additional 1/4" tubing may be also required to extend each stake as required.

Price: $16.95
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