Install a micro irrigation system
with Lawn Belt!

Introducing a new drip irrigation kit add-on
Installs easily in minutes!

4 way 1/2" Orbit Manifold shown in the ground

Drip irrigation and Lawn Belt

Micro irrigation or low pressure drip irrigation has long been considered the wave of the future, in fact, the future is already here! Drip irrigation allows you to distribute water directly to the areas that need it.

Simply attach an automatic timer to your Micro sprinklers to keep plants automatically watered in hard to reach areas like raised beds or fruit trees for example.

Drip irrigation eliminates wasting water on paths, paved areas, or on plants that may not require as much water as others in your garden.

Using Lawn Belt with Micro irrigation

Micro irrigation is becoming an increasingly popular choice up in landscaping because it can save you water and is adaptable to many uses. Now thanks to the versatility of Lawn Belt, setting it up a drip irrigation system in your garden is simple! Everything you need is included in our drip irrigation kit.

Lawn Belt provides you with a hidden water source for your drip irrigation system. It allows you to extend a drip irrigation system from your water source anywhere in you garden. Simply install Lawn Belt to the central area to be watered then attach the manifold to the U fitting using a 1/2" extension provided.

Lastly run the tubing from the manifold and direct it to the plants to be watered. The drip irrigation kit installs in just minutes and Lawn Belt invisibly transports the water directly to the plants that need to be watered.

Drip System Design considerations

It is recommended to keep your drip irrigation kit on it a separate zone. You can always combine zones together at one hose bib location using our brass manifold connector. For example your could have one zone for your lawn sprinkler heads and then another for your micro irrigation planting and potting areas. In addition you could water each separately with 2 timers.

Advantages to drip irrigation

Although sprinkler and Micro Irrigation Systems seem to have much in common, they are actually quite different. Sprinklers deliver a lot of water quickly and are designed for lawn and garden borders. With conventional watering systems sometimes too much water drains away and is wasted simply because it is applied too quickly for the soil and the plants to absorb it.

Micro irrigation also keeps the root zone evenly moist at all times. It does this by delivering small amounts of water more often and watering the plants over longer periods of time. Most importantly micro irrigation prevents plants from becoming waterlogged and therefore subject to rot.

So take advantage of our drip irrigation system kit today an distribute the water directly to the areas that need it!

All the parts you need are included in our DIY kit!

Install flex riser to U fitting (wrap with Teflon Tape)

Attach Drip Irrigation Manifold to Flex Riser

Remove end caps of drip irrigation port.

Cut 1/4" tubing to desired length and attach to port.

Adjust water pressure to drip irrigation manifold by turning regulator valve