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Can Lawn Belt bring my dry, burned-out lawn back to life?

Just because it’s been hotter than usual this summer doesn’t mean you should give up on your lawn. Or maybe it’s your shrubbery that you don’t want to lose. Get an environmentally friendly drip system and you won’t have to worry about your expensive landscaping. With a Lawnbelt automatic sprinkler system you can easily keep it all alive and green, even through the toughest droughts.

If reseeding or resodding -install the Lawn Belt directly beneath your topsoil… and remember to keep the it watered throughout the day while establishing the root system.

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How do I winterize Lawn Belt?

Lawn Belt has been tested to survive the harshest weather, so there is no need to drain when winter approaches. Simply disconnect the hidden hose or sprinkler system from the spigot. This will relieve any remaining pressure during winter months. You may want to cap or plug your inlet to keep out any debris.

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Is it ok to attach a long garden hose to extend Lawn Belt?

If you need to extend Lawn Belt you can add additional Lawn Belt. We sell it in rolls of 25 feet or 50 feet.

You can use a coupler kit to join Lawn Belt together (we supply these with the rolls you purchase).

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What kind of sprinkler heads are included with your kits?

The Lawn Sprinkler Kits come in either the Big-Lawn (3 pop-up max rotors - each spraying each a 40' diameter) or Small-Lawn (3 pop-up sprayers - each covering 15-20 feet diameter).

The Garden Border Kit comes with 4 - 90 degree popup heads spraying about 10 feet out.

The Custom Kit comes with no sprinkler heads (you add your own 1/2" head)

The Drip Irrigation Kit has 4 outlets each head (total of 12) and 12 gallon drippers

We also have more sprinkler heads available in the store.

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Can I hook a timer to my system?

Yes. Lawn Belt accepts most standard garden attachments, such as battery or dial timers, two or four way spigot adapters, back flow prevention valves (recommended), fertilizer/insecticide dispenser bottles, etc. - for more see sprinkler timers.

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Should I install the system before I lay the sod?

You may find it easier to install immediately after sod installation. In some cases you may find you can follow the seam of the sod as well.

Lawn belt installs just below the sod line. The sprinkler head should be flush with the top of sod.

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How deep do I dig at the head location (U Fitting)?

For the Lawn Belt you are cutting a 2"-4" deep into the sod using a flat spade. The spade is rocked back and forth to create a V-shaped opening in the earth. Then the Belt is pressed down into slit just under your sod line.

At each sprinkler head location you dig a deeper and wider V-shaped opening 9-10" down.

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I need to aerate my yard, can I go deeper with Lawn-Belt?

If you want to go deeper you will need to extend the U Fitting using a 1/2 extension available at your hardware store. Connect this at each U/ End Fitting to allow head to reach the top of your sod line.

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How to water 1 acre of land with Lawn Belt

Here's an example of a 100×100 square layout to give you an idea. This one shows 2 spigots (one additional added with a Hidden Hose Kit. Each rotor spays about 1500 sq ft when a full circle is watered.

When installing Lawn Belt in large garden areas you will need to have multiple hose bib locations to simplify your sprinkler design.

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I have great pressure and want to use 6 heads in one zone? Will this work?

Lawn Belt is designed for 3 heads p/ zone - although multiple kits can be attached to one water source and then watered separately with timers. To accomplish this see our sprinkler timers and accessories

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