Designing your sprinkler system

Lawn Belt is a sprinkler system you can install yourself … plus you'll save a ton of money by not having to hire a sprinkler contractor to install the system for you.

Because Lawn Belt installs just below the surface and sprinkler heads are only buried 8" into a small hole, so building permits are not usually required.

To get started designing your system, print out our grid sheet, grab a tape measure, a few wooden stakes and a roll of string.

Measuring and drawing up your lawn

As you measure your area, draw the shape on your grid sheet as you go. If you prefer to walk your area out - just count the number of steps and multiply by about 2 and a half times.

Use the ledger as a guide to keep the sketch somewhat proportional. Even if you are within 5 feet of accuracy you'll be fine.

Choosing the right sprinkler head

The size of your lawn will determine which heads you will want to choose. If you have a lawn area bigger than 20' square you may want to consider using our Big-Lawn Kit which includes 3 rotors which spray out 20' and are fully adjustable.

Sprinkler Patterns - Rotor & Orbit SoftTops offer angle adjustment

If using our max-coverage rotors, show a 20' radius or 40' diameter and then arrange them so they overlap. For our regular sprayers or adjustable soft tops use a 8' radius or 16' diameter.

The spacing between the rotors should be about 25' apart. For smaller lawn areas use a sprayer head with an 8' radius or 16' diameter. Space approximately 12-15 feet apart.

Mark the sprinkler head locations on your grid sheet. Its also a good idea to also spray away from streets, fences and house walls, Use 1/2 circle patterns for these areas.

Checking your design

To verify what you have drawn, its a good idea to put stakes in the lawn to locate the sprinkler heads in your sketch. Just tie a 20' string to each stake and walk around to check the coverage.

Lastly join sprinkler sprays in your sketch in groups of 3 - then measure the distance from the last sprinkler head back to your outdoor faucet.

What's included in the Lawn Belt Kits?

Each Lawn Belt Sprinkler System includes 3 sprinkler heads (with the exception of our Garden Border kit which has 4 heads) and all kits include the same parts - just different sprinkler head configurations.

Every kit also contain 50 feet of conduit. If your zone measures over 50 feet, you'll need to add more LLawn Belt and a coupler kit.

All required fittings are included. You'll need a flat spade and a 5/16" wrench, your design sketch and that's it.

Example layouts using your do-it-yourself kits

If you need to water a small lawn, large lawn or even side area, the Lawn Sprinkler System is your solution.

Our Small-Lawn Kit contains three "umbrella-like" patterns. Its a perfect starter kit for lawn areas measuring approximately 15'×50' or similar.

Smaller turf area using Lawn Sprinkler Kit

The Big-Lawn Kit is our most popular kit and allows for broader sprinkler head coverage. It's an excellent choice for large lawn areas over 20' wide. Three-40 foot in diameter sprays can be adjusted in angle from 40°-360°.

More zones or lawn kits can be added to the same spigot using a Y-fitting or 4-way adapter.

See: Full Sprinkler Head Specs and Example Layout

See: Custom Kit Example Layouts using our Big-Lawn Kit with spray diameters of 40 feet wide.

Big-Lawn Kit using Rotor Sprinkler Heads

The Garden Border System

The Lawn Belt Garden Border Kit will spray up to a 70 foot strip in your garden using 4 quarter round sprinkler heads. Use the Garden Border to water flowers areas and vegetable beds or create a garden oasis.

See: Quarter Round Sprinkler Head Specs and Example Layout.

See also: Orbit Sprinkler heads with adjustable spray angle and customize the kit to your garden.

Garden layouts example using Garden Border Kit

The Hidden Hose Sprinkler System

The Lawn Belt Hidden Hose kit will extend your existing house spigot with 50 feet of belt. Using the Lawn Belt couplers you can add hundreds of feet to put water wherever you need it.

The hidden hose is also a great way to provide you with better hookup locations for both the Lawn Sprinkler and Garden Border kits.

See: Hidden Hose Example Layouts.

Invisible hose example using the Hidden Hose Kit

The Drip System

The Drip System Kit is a cost efficient way to water any planting or vegetable area in your garden. Its great for porch areas and flower beds as well. The kit ships with drip emitters and small tubing plus many other drip accessories are available in our parts store.

Micro Irrigation example using Drip System

The Custom Kit System

Design your own system and maximize Lawn Belt using your own sprinkler heads. You can choose from the heads available in our store or add your own 1/2" threaded head to the U fittings.

What steps to do next?

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