Lawn Belt is the PERFECT Quick and Easy Do-it-yourself Lawn irrigation project

Assembling Lawn Belt Do-it-yourself Sprinkler Systems

Installing a Lawn Belt System is extremely easy. You'll be able to assemble your sprinkler system in just a few hours with little damage to your garden. It takes only a week for the small seam to disappear. No waiting for your lawn or garden to grow back again. Lawn Belt makes a perfect do it yourself sprinkler irrigation project for anyone. It easily connects to your house spigot in minutes. A short garden hose (available in our store) attaches from the spigot to the Lawn Belt.

Lawn Belt is built tough and is designed so you can leave your sprinklers in the ground all winter long.

All you'll need is a flat spade, utility knife and 5/16" box wrench or screwdriver to assemble our sprinkler systems.

Our Lawn Belt kits are completely expandable and require no plumbing, soldering or adhesives - perfect for do-it-yourself-er who has never installed a inground system. With Lawn Belt installing underground lawn sprinklers has never been easier!

"Just wanted to let you know I installed 5 kits this past weekend, and they were MORE that what I expected! My Uncle wanted a sprinkler system, and he is a senior citizen. I found your kits and ordered online. They were very easy to put together and put in the ground-just below the surface! And they are spraying slightly over 20 feet in diameter! My Uncle couldn't be more thrilled. On two of the zones, I installed rainbird gear rotors to help get tight areas. I was sure to wrap ALL the connections with Teflon tape and we tested each one for leaks before putting in the group. No Leaks! His lawn will look beautiful in about a few short weeks!

I will definitely be a repeat customer!"

J Peters Carver, Mass

Steps to assembling your Inground Lawn Sprinklers

1. Connect the lawn sprinkler heads to the Lawn Belt cut at the intervals you determine (figure 15 -18 feet in diameter sprays for sprayers and 40 foot diameter sprays for rotors - check your psi at the hose bib) Collar halves clamp together with only a 5/16" box wrench or screwdriver.

U fitting & Lawn Sprinkler popup head ...

2. Using a flat spade simply cut a path 3 to 4 inches deep and spread the ground open.

Making a small slit for the Lawn Belt sprinkler...

3. Starting at the spigot, place your conduit (the belt) and lawn sprinkler heads into the ground. Close the ground over Lawn Belt by pressing firmly with your foot.

Laying the Lawn sprinklers into the slit ...

4. Connect the short 3 foot garden hose (included in each kit) to your house spigot and enjoy years of worry free watering. You may want to add a timer or other standard attachments to your lawn sprinklers - all will work seamlessly with Lawn Belt.

Note: Lawn Belt conduit can also be attached to an existing pvc system using our converter kit available in the store.

Finally connecting to the spigot ... Do-it-yourself
Sprinkler Systems Made Easy - that's Lawn Belt!

Unlike PVC and Poly Pipe Systems, Lawn Belt is quick to assemble. Because of its flexibility you will be able to make tight turns and eliminate the need for any elbow fittings. It's easy to expand your sprinkler design - attach your existing PVC system directly too! (our converter kit allows Lawn Belt to quickly connect to PVC pipe).

Expanding and adding additional sprinkler zones in your garden is easy too. By using a 4-way distributor kit (available in our store) you can add additional zones whenever you need them. Lawn Belt will simplify any sprinkler installation saving you both time and money.

"I think Lawn Belt is the greatest! I installed three sprinkler kits without any problem! The simple clear instructions made assembly a joy. What a savings over the cost of professionally installed underground irrigation. Lawn Belt is easy, quick and it works! The yard stays neat and tidy. I spend a lot more time enjoying my garden now."

K. Salsman
Grant, Nebraska

Lawn Belt is a quality inground irrigation system that will remain invisible and permanent for many years.

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