Why choose Lawn Belt Irrigation System?

Lawn Belt is simply the most cost effective in-ground system that anyone can install, even if this is your first do-it-yourself sprinkler project. We think you'll agree that Lawn Belt just might be the best garden innovation ever.

Here are some of the advantages to Lawn Belt:

Simplified Sprinkler Design

With Lawn Belt you'll save time designing your irrigation system! Lawn Belt's "garden hose like" flexibility and expandability really makes your sprinkler layout easy!

Simply use our grid sheets and templates to layout your spray patterns. Then weave Lawn Belt around your lawn contours and garden obstacles.

Lawn Belt is also an in-line system meaning there is no need for special PVC fittings or elbow connections. If you have questions about your design, please contact us for help.

CompareLawn BeltPVC
Guarantee5 yearNone!
Installation Depth  2"-3"18" MIN
Elbow fittingsAt spigot only  At every turn
WinterizationNone!Blow out system
Landscape repairNone!Re-seed / Re-plant
Install time1-3 hours2-3 weeks or more

Compare Lawn Belt to PVC Systems

All of our sprinkler kits contain everything you will need for your project with the exception of our Custom Kit such allows you to select your own heads. The Lawn Sprinkler Kit can be configured to small lawns or large lawns.

For multiple hookups we also have automatic sprinkler timers that connect directly to your outdoor faucet. These automatic timers allow your sprinklers to be watered at separate times and prevent pressure loss.

Accepts most sprinkler attachments

Lawn Belt uses 1/2" NPT threading. Most sprinkler heads either come in 1/2" or 3/4" NPT. Just select our Custom Kit and choose any 1/2" NPT head less than 1 -3/4" wide (this is the dimension inside the U fitting)

You can also attach a fertilizer dispenser to the system and feed your entire lawn & garden in minutes (also we recommend attaching a back flow preventer to keep toxic fertilizers out of your drinking supply).

Quick In-Ground Sprinkler Installation

The big difference between Lawn Belt and PolyPipe and PVC is the ease of installation. All hose connections easily fit together using our collar halves and stainless clamps, no glue is required anywhere! Our Sprinkler Kits typically install in just a few hours.

Other conventional underground systems require deep trenching, but Lawn Belt does not. You will be absolutely amazed at how quick and hassle free Lawn Belt is once you start to install it.

Stronger than PVC

Lawn Belt is shaped like a diamond and is made from polyethylene plastic and resin. This allows it to expand and contract during the freeze and thaw cycles.

The topside of the conduit is thickened to help protect it against hard objects. It's diamond shape allows you to push it in to the soil with your foot during installation. It can also acts as a root barrier or garden border between lawn and planting areas.

Lawn Belt is probably more like a high-tech garden hose than a PVC pipe. PVC Conduit will become brittle over time but Lawn Belt reacts to temperature changes much differently than PVC so that cracking never occurs.

Transparent System

Your Lawn Belt Sprinkler System will install just inches below your grass. Compare this with PVC Systems which must be installed below the frost line and require deep trenching.

Easy To Repair Sprinkler System

The Lawn Belt hose is not unbreakable but remarkably durable against sharp objects. Lawn Belt's thickened top barrier protects your system against shovels and other weeding tools.

If you should ever strike the hose with a sharp object it will probably survive just fine. Even if the top shield gets damaged the system will function normally as it is separate from the water channel.

If the system is accidentally punctured, a repair is very easily and takes only a few minutes. Because the hose is near surface level, a leak will be obvious.

With PVC - finding and locating a pipe breakage can sometimes take days. Water will sometimes travel many feet away from the leak due to the depth of the piping.

Hassle Free Sprinkler Winterization

In the fall there's little you need to do to prepare Lawn Belt for the winter. Just disconnect the small garden hose from the faucet and then plug the threaded hole where the hose was attached.

Our Lawn Belt Guarantee

If Lawn belt conduit breaks or cracks within 5 years - We will replace it free - no charge! All other parts such as clamps and fittings are guaranteed for 60 days. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Choose a system kit that's right for you.

We have many do- it- yourself kits available, each designed to water your lawn or garden in different ways. Every garden kit includes 50 feet of lawn belt hose and all the connection hardware you'll need to get started.

Our irrigation system is a perfect DIY home garden project for anyone! All system parts are easily interchangeable.

Each sprinkler kit to your hose bib using a short garden hose (included in your kit).

Our systems also will attach to your existing PVC Pipe. By simply installing a converter kit you can attach and convert Lawn Belt to a PVC pipe.

Replace your garden hose with an inground sprinkler system today!

The Lawn Irrigation Kit

sprinkler kitmore info or buy now
    more info

Have the greenest lawn on the block! The easiest and fastest way to water your lawn. This Lawn irrigation kit comes with pop-up sprinklers. 3 lawn sprinklers heads included.

Our Small-Lawn option sprays a 15- 18 feet diameter pattern (depending on your water pressure).

Our Big-Lawn option sprays a 40 feet diameter pattern (depending on your water pressure) and is fully adjustable .

The Garden Border Kit

sprinkler kitmore info or buy now
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Water your vegetable garden, flower bed, trees or shrubs easily. Since this system has 45 degree sprayers you can easily customize it to irregular garden contours by simply bending Lawn Belt to the shape of you planting area. Installing an irrigation system has never been so easy thanks to Lawn Belt!

The Hidden Hose Kit

sprinkler kitmore info or buy now
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Create a spigot to your vegetable garden, dog pen, work area. Easily add another sprinkler zone and attach other Lawn Belt kits to it. This kit makes it easy to relocate your garden hose connection and eliminates having to extend your hose every time you need to water garden areas that are out of reach.

Customize your kit

Customize your Sprinkler System using Hunter Irrigation, Rainbird Irrigation, Orbit Irrigation or Toro Irrigation Systems .... since Lawn Belt accepts all 1/2" size sprinkler heads you can even design your own custom system if you'd like!

The Drip Irrigation Kit - NEW!

*Lawn Belt provides you with a hidden water source for your drip irrigation system.* It allows you to extend a drip irrigation system from your water source to anywhere in your garden. Simply install Lawn Belt to the central area to be watered then attach the manifold to the U fitting using a 1/2" riser provided.

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