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lawn belt rotator sprinkler head

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These water saving heads are now in stock. Order them with our Custom Kit.

A great way to water your yard using Lawnbelt is by using our low volume head we call the Stream Rotator. This unique sprinkler system features a multi-rotating stream of water that delivers maximum coverage in even if you have low pressure/ low GPM ratings.

The Stream Rotator system also saves water. In fact, our testing has shown that water usage can be reduced by up to nearly one-third of current levels when conventional sprays are replaced with Stream Rotator Sprinklers.

A multi-stream rotor has only one moving part... it's technology that assures proven reliability. The water saving sprinkler head also fits into our 1/2" U Fitting perfectly and offers uniform sprays with` adjustable angles with a simple twist of the nozzle.

Types of water saving heads we now offer

We are offering 3 types of heads. The 1000 series waters a radius (throw distance) of about 12' and operates anywhere between 30-60 psi and consuming only 1/2 GPM per head. For greater converge we also have the 2000 and 3000 series. The 3000 series head waters a radius (throw distance) about 18' and further - operating anywhere between 30-60 psi and consuming only 1-2 GPM per head. (currently you can choose from either the 1000 or 2000 series).

1000 series - rotating sprinklers

2000 series - rotating sprinklers

3000 series - rotating sprinklers

Important Note: When buying the rotators you will need to use them with our Custom Water Saver Kit which contains everything you'll need for 3 MP rotator sprinkler heads.

Stream Rotator Specs

Easy arc adjustment, easy radius adjustment up to 25%, no nozzle to change it. Depending on whether you select the Big Lawn Kit or Small Lawn Kit, coverage will be either 12' radius or 18' radius average.

The Stream Rotator is the perfect solution for rejuvenating an existing Lawnbelt system too. The heads apply water much more slowly and uniformly than conventional conventional rotors and other sprayers — and they are actually entertaining to watch as they spin around.

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