Connecting Lawn Belt Together

In order to ensure that every connection is leak free you must follow a few important steps to make sure there's a tight seal between Lawn Belt and all it's fittings.

How the sprinkler system seals

Lawn Belt has a raised barb located near the end on every U, End, Converter and Coupler Fitting (see figure A). The raised barb creates a seal between the inside of the Lawn Belt and the fitting itself.

Additionally the clamp and collar halves are designed to apply equal pressure over the raised barb area in order to create a leak free connection.

Sliding Lawn Belt to end of fitting

Make sure to wrap the raised barb on the fitting with Teflon Tape before attaching it to Lawn Belt.

You may want to place a few drops of dish soap on the converter before sliding Lawn Belt over it .

Also it is a good idea to warm the Lawn Belt in the sun as well so the ends are more pliable (if rushed for time you can also use a hair dryer to warm the end of the Lawn Belt).

Push the Lawn Belt all the way to the end of the fitting (see Figure B).

Assembling the clamp and collar halves

Assemble your collar halves so they match the shape of the outside of Lawn Belt. If the collar halves are upside down you will notice a gap. After making sure the collar halves fit properly loosely tighten the clamp over them to hold the halves together (see figure D).

Positioning Collar Halves 1/8" away from end

Slide the collar halves so the are 1/8" away from the end of the fitting. This will center the clamp over the raised barbed.

Position the clamp so that screw is at the bottom of Lawn Belt (see figure C & D).

Tightening the clamp properly

Use a small 5/16" ratchet or open end wrench to tighten the clamp. A screwdriver will work but you may find that once Lawn Belt is in the ground, it will be easier for you to tighten or loosen connections using a wrench (see figure D).

Tighten the clamp until very snug but do not over tighten!

Attaching the sprinkler head to the End and U Fittings

Wrap the threads with Teflon Tape before screwing in the sprinkler head. Tighten the head until just snug, but again do not over-tighten.

Important Note: If using Rotor Heads simply turn 2-3 times until snug. Again, do not overtighten, you will only use about 1/3 of the threads available on the U and End fittings.


Figure A - raised barb

Figure B - Push Lawn Belt to end

Figure C - Clamp 1/8" away from end

Figure D - 5/16 socket wrench