Example Layouts for Lawn Belt

Side strips are a great way to water side areas or green belts near side walks. They provide a spray a with a full rectangular pattern.

If watering an area greater than 15 feet square you may also want to consider using Rotor heads. These gear driven heads spray a curtain of water up to 20 feet in radius and work great with Lawn Belt.

Rotors are also fully adjustable so you can water 40 degrees all the way to a full circle. When designing your Lawn Belt sprinkler system, make sure to use wide turns as shown in the drawing below.

Side yard areas with a width of 12-13 feet or greater can also be covered using the Rotor heads. Simply adjust them to minimum angle and place heads at opposite ends. See side yard example below.

Our Orbit SoftTop head provides a great way to water planting areas. The heads are fully adjustable and offer a 7.5-10 foot radius spray. Order these heads with our Custom sprinkler kit.

Alternatively you can use Garden Border Kit to water your planting beds. These heads spray 4-90 degree patterns and are included in the kit.

Larger installations are easy with Lawn Belt. The example below is a design for a 6000 square foot lawn area. In this example we have used our Rotors exclusively and then adjusted the spray angles as needed. Four different zones (kits) are attached to the spigots provided.

When designing for 1/2 acre to 1 acre lots make sure you have adequate spigots dispersed throughout your garden in order to simplify your design.

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