Size up your yard.

Before you choose a Lawn Belt kit you need to know how big the yard is that you want to keep green. So the first thing you need is a tape measure. Lawn Belt Systems can cover up to 4500 sq. feet.

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Test your faucet.

Since the Lawn Belt System attaches to an outside faucet it's important to gauge how much PSI and water flow you're working with. The results of these two simple tests will tell you how many zones and sprinkler heads your system will need.

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Draw it up.

You don't need to be an artist or landscape designer to sketch your basic irrigation plan. Just start at the spigot and draw a line where your sunken hose will go. It doesn't even have to be straight! From there, you just figure out the zones and overlapping spray patterns.

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Select the Lawn Belt Kit that fits.

With Lawn Belt you can customize your kit so you get exactly what you need. No more, no less. We have full-yard kits, side-yard kits, drip kits for gardens and many other practical choices. And you can always order extra lengths of Lawn Belt Hidden Hose, U fittings, sprinkler heads and clamps.

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Install it.

If you can handle a flat-bed shovel and a wrench, you can install your own Lawn Belt Sprinkler System. For most people, it's a weekend project from start to finish.  And the great thing is, you don't have to trench up your entire lawn. Just use the shovel to cut a line in the grass, and step the patented Hidden Hose into place. You only have to dig a small hole for the sprinkler heads, and they attach easily with the patented U Fitting and simple clamps.

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Sit back and watch the grass grow.

Now you can have the lush, green lawn or vibrant garden you always wanted. And you won't every have to worry about watering. Just add a timer to your Lawn Belt System, set it for the summer and forget it. There's nothing to do but enjoy the sunshine.

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