How to go under a sidewalk to install a PVC Pipe?

Most asked sprinkler installation question: How to install Lawn Belt under sidewalk driveway or patio?

When your driveway or side walk separates your lawn or garden you will need to create a tunnel underneath to run your irrigation line from one side to another.

An effective way to creating a tunnel or pathway for your PVC Pipe is by using a pressure washer. Make sure you wand's spay tip is fine otherwise the hole will be too big and may cause structural damage to the walkway.

So long as the path or tunnel is 2 inches ore less the hole will have no effect on your driveway or sidewalk.

Look for a wand that has a 0 degree or fine tip. This narrow tip will create a powerful narrow stream of water that you will be able to control.

Tools needed:

  • pressure washer
  • zero Degree Spray Attachment
  • wand Extension for Driveways
  • goggles or eye protection
  • PVC Pipe

First dig a small trench about 12" deep perpendicular to the sidewalk. This is where your pressure washer wand will lay before you turn on the water. Make the trench is parallel with the top surface of the sidewalk so that your path will align with the top of the concrete walkway or driveway.

Also be sure to wear goggles as the high-pressure stream of water will blast out small stones, sand and other debris. Stand back as you point the wand directly into the dirt.

Depending upon your soil type, you will be able to create a pathway in a matter of minutes!

As you blast through make sure to stop the spray to inspect the size of the pathway you are creating.

As long as the hole is about two-inch in diameter and that it is located a foot under the sidewalk you should not create any type of structural problems for the sidewalk.

If your hole become larger than 2" you may want to fill the tunnel with sand or gravel after the 2" PVC Pipe is installed. As you pour sand into the hole and use water from a garden hose to help move it under the sidewalk.

Finally, run a 2" PVC pipe and then feed Lawn Belt through it. This will not only protect Lawn Belt but provide easy access to it later if you need to pull it out and inspect.

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